High Quality Recruitment Agency recruits finance personnel. We are also gold at recruiting secretarial and HR personnel.

Our interim professionals work at all levels. Finance, Secretarial, and HR. Those are their specialties. Are you looking for a professional in finance administration, accounting, planning and control, secretarial personnel or anything to do with human resources? High Quality matches to the full satisfaction of all parties. That is gold. Just like you and me.

Looking for your own controller or secretary, but not on leave. Or sick. Or on holiday. We get it.

You need someone fast. Just the right person. Because of… illness, leave, or the entire department is temporarily understaffed. Whatever the reason, High Quality is always and unconditionally the answer to busy phases, backlogs and short-term change processes. At the moment you brief us, we’re already looking for a match. A permanent employee or temporary support. Whatever you want.