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Recruiter Interim HR & Management Support, 5 years of experience, >180 interim positions filled.

HR - our expertise

Recruitment of HR personnel is in our blood. For 20 years, we've been recruiting both interim and permanent HR professionals. At college and university level. Employment law, personnel recruitment, salary structures, employment conditions, HR policy, personnel administration, payroll administration. Our affinity with human resource management is enormous. We know it inside out. Not only do we have the desired professional knowledge, we also know the market like no other. In recent years, we have recruited hundreds of HR roles for more than 250 employers, to full satisfaction of all parties involved. 

HR. Client, candidate and contact person.

Working with numerous organisations in the past 20 years has given us a unique peek behind the scenes. So many different organisations teaches you a lot. HR is often our contact point. What the HR Manager, personnel advisor or recruiter does and needs to be able to do, we know like no other. In addition to being recruiters, we are an employer. Of a diverse staff. Temporary, permanent and freelance. We have extensive practical experience with human resource management in all its facets. A dynamic and fascinating field, which continuously changes. What’s better than working with people and for people? 

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Interim HR professionals. Within 24 hours.

An interim HR professional is the ideal solution for temporary extra HR support. You may need someone fast. Just the right person. Because of illness, leave, or the entire department is temporarily understaffed. Preferably as soon as possible. Preferably immediately. At the moment you brief us, your High Quality Account Manager is already contemplating suitable options. We only work with HR talents we've had experience with in the past and whom we've thoroughly screened. This guarantees quality and security. We’re good at what we do. The first interim HR candidate we propose is almost always the right match. 

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Recruitment of permanent HR professionals. The right match in 10 days.

You're looking for an HR professional on a permanent contract. High quality presents the right candidate within 10 days. However, no two vacancies are the same. Therefore, our Account Manager visits and evaluates: who are you looking for exactly, on professional and personal levels. Sure, we often fish in the same stream as other agencies. But the HR candidate we propose is always a pleasant surprise to our clients

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Our guarantee. We're only satisfied when you are.

High Quality invests in talented candidates and close relationships. Optimal results, unconditionally. Always. A Golden result. A lot of recruitment agencies don’t give guarantees. High Quality does. We support you continuously and unconditionally.

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