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Permanent Recruitment

For 20 years High Quality have been recruiting and selecting the best finance, HR and business support professionals in the Randstad for over 250 clients. At all levels. After all these years in the recruitment business, matching the wishes of the client is in our DNA. We sense exactly what is needed. That's also why are able to fulfill 51% of the received permanent job openings, with full satisfaction of all parties involved. High Quality presents the right candidate within 10 business days. We’re fast and we aim for success: the ideal match. Our preparation makes all the difference. We visit the client first, so we know exactly who we’re looking for. Sure, we often fish in the same stream as other agencies. But the candidate we propose is always a pleasant surprise to our clients. Read on about our approach, the available professionals or contact us for a free and non-committal advice.

Our approach. A personal one.

We are very precise about what the client is looking for. An extensive inventory chat (by phone or at your office) is the first step to discuss what’s happening in your company and the desired competences of the candidate. We believe in a personal approach. That's what makes us unique in the recruitment branche. Within 10 days we provide you the right candidate.

Free recruitment via online job boards and social media

After we've come up with a vacancy text, we'll post it on our website and external jobboards like Monsterboard and Indeed to target active job seekers. In addition, we use social media like Twitter, Facebook and Linked extensively to search and recruit passive job seekers. And at last but not least, we actively scrape our private talent-database, with over 6.000 professionals for you. All of these activities are free of charge. 

Alway a personal intake

Based on the applications, we select the most suitable candidates on paper and invite them for a personal intake. This is standard at High Quality. Candidates  for permanent recruitment tend to be less close than our interim professionals. But we get to know them well. On paper and in person. We want to know who we're proposing to our clients. We often ask candidates if they’ve been put forward by other agencies - that saves the client time. Often they don’t even know - ‘they don’t tell me’. At High Quality, all parties are clear on what’s happening. Unconditionally. Always. Every professional is comprehensively screened. All diplomas, IDs, Chamber of Commerce extracts, VOGs and references from previous employers. We really value this personal interview. Sometimes a candidate looks perfect on paper, but doesn't get the job. There’s more to it than just a CV. Candidates should match with the company culture as well.

90,4% of our candidates is hired after their job interview

After the personal intake, High Quality pre-selects the best candidates. Then we propose the most suitable professionals to you. You will receive a comprehensive CV, in which we elaborate on a candidates personality, education and career-history. On average we propose 2.4 candidates to our clients, of which 56,6% is invited for an interview. In 90,4% of the cases, one of them is hired for the job.

We supervise the entire procedure

When a candidate is invited for a job interview, we organise and supervise the following procedure until completion. We set up dates and times for the interviews. Afterwards, we evaluate the interviews. Obviously, you would like the employee to start the job as quickly as possible. We discuss conditions and starting date bearing this in mind.

Six months guarantee

We're only satisfied when both parties are. That's why we keep in touch during the first six months with both the employer and the professional. We discuss the progress of the job and make sure both parties remain satisfied. In case you are not, we find a replacement for free. 

No recruitment, no costs

For a succesfull match we charge a surplus of 23% of a fulltime yearly salary, plus holiday pay. Obviously, we don't charge you if we can't recruit the right professional for you. Or if you find the right candidate without us. No cure, no pay!

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What our clients say

Paramount and High Quality have worked together for 12 years. I know the High Quality team well, because they used to be my colleagues. I moved from employee to client. It’s funny, really. I’m positive about the collaboration. High Quality sense who will fit into which organisation. They have plenty of talented candidates. Once they’ve placed someone they call regularly to see how it’s going. They visit too - a regular checkup.

Marjanne Huisjes - Paramount Pictures

IDEXX is a global market leader in veterinary diagnostics. In layman’s terms: we make sure that vets can provide excellent care. At our headquarters in Hoofddorp I advise my manager about HR issues and recruitment at IDEXX Europe. Two years ago our hiring manager suggested we do business with High Quality. They must have been watching our website, I think. Because they sent exactly the right CV at the right moment. Since then we place a High Quality candidate every six months. I can be completely upfront with my account manager and they take care of it. For me, their openness for feedback and the chance to spar about ideas are the strengths of working with High Quality.

Erwin van Drongelen - Business Partner IDEXX
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