In 2000 no-one had heard of the concept of interim placement. Recruitment agencies were focused solely on money. This made for a wonderful opportunity. Gerard Zwart on the founding of High Quality.

‘At the agencies I worked at, money was the driving force. I wanted to do things my own way. Make it about people. Make them happy and the money sorts itself out. I started on my own. Put together a logo and website by myself. No concessions on service: everything had to be perfect. My target was clear. Each month, one placement more than the previous. That was enough. I tracked down candidates online and started calling. For the first four years I worked 24-7. 12 years on, I still do, but now with a fantastic team. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built.'

Have lunch at a large company… Everyone works according to their own method. That’s going to take off in the next ten years.

‘The interim market is under pressure. You hear that often. I see it differently. Agencies that don’t move with the times are disappearing. They don’t have any added value to offer. High Quality does. Because we react quickly and think in flexible solutions. Candidates and clients are looking for freedom. Companies don’t call when there’s a light breeze. We’re used to that. Nor when there’s a strong wind - only when the hurricane hits. Then they need someone yesterday. Precisely the right professional. No problem, we’ll sort it. Our organisation is designed to do exactly that.’