Interim Solutions

Every day, High Quality is responsible for the placement of around 50 interim financial professionals. To the total satisfaction of all parties. There’s a vision behind this success. Gerard Zwart’s.

The personal approach is best.

‘We are very precise about what the client is looking for. We drop by for a thorough conversation and take an inventory of what’s happening in the company. Others use the phone - we don’t. We believe in a personal approach. After 15 years in the business, matching the wishes of the client is in my DNA. I sense exactly what is needed.’

Never waste a client’s time.

‘We have an exemplary pool of candidates. Our own as well as freelancers. At all levels. When we receive a request, we know immediately who is suitable. This is why we can introduce the right person within a 24 hour timeframe. The client prefers selecting from two candidates? Then we propose two, as long as they both match. There’s no surprises. Our candidates have been thoroughly screened and tested. We know them through and through.’