“I have a sharp eye for company culture and a nose for talent.” Rik de Krijger, Account Manager High Quality


We fish in the same stream as other agencies, but we get the first catch. And fast..

You seek a financial professional for a fixed contract. High Quality presents the right candidate within 10 business days. We’re fast and we aim for success: the ideal match. Our preparation makes all the difference. We visit the client first, so we know exactly who we’re looking for. Sure, we often fish in the same stream as other agencies. But the candidate we propose is always a pleasant surprise to our clients.

Rik de Krijger spoke with two candidates. The first was perfect. On paper. He didn’t get the job. There’s more to it than just a CV.

A personal intake is standard at High Quality. And sometimes, at this stage it becomes clear that a person won’t fit the client. Even if their credentials are on the mark. Candidates  for permanent recruitment tend to be less close than our interim team. But we get to know them well. On paper and in person. I want to know who I’m proposing to my client. I often ask candidates if they’ve been put forward by other agencies - that saves the client time. Often they don’t even know - ‘they don’t tell me’. At High Quality, all parties are clear on what’s happening. Unconditionally. Always.