HR Manager, personnel advisor and recruiter. Client, candidate and contact person.

In the past 17 years, we have had the privilege of recruiting personnel for numerous organisations. And providing interim solutions. A unique peek behind the scenes at so many different organisations teaches you a lot. HR is often our contact point. What the HR Manager, personnel advisor or recruiter does and needs to be able to do, we know like no other.

Employment law, personnel recruitment, salary structures, employment conditions, HR policy, personnel administration, payroll administration. Our affinity with human resource management is enormous.

In addition to being recruiters, we are an employer. Of a diverse staff. Temporary, permanent and freelance. We have extensive practical experience with human resource management in all its facets. A dynamic and fascinating field, which continuously changes. What’s better than working with people and for people?

Looking for a new HR colleague?

Whether it’s a temporary or permanent vacancy that needs to be filled, we are glad to assist. Contact us for more information or no-obligation advice.